Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Blog That Wasn't...

Well...yes...my office has decided that uploading my blog is no longer allowed. As irritated as I was about this yesterday, I've come to terms with the issue, and I will not spend an entire page bitching about it.

So, the blog directly following this is from yesterday. Althougth technically, this blog is for today, I may do another, more bloggy blog later. Or I might wait and start reblogging blogs tomorrow.

Got all that?

Good, see I knew you guys were smart!


Jackie said...

Stupid secure networks...can I call this the comment that wasn't? Now that I think of it, you could say that for a lot of things, like, my day. The day that wasn't. Hope yours is going better!

Ms_Isabella said...

Thanks Jax, you're the best!