Sunday, August 28, 2005

An Ode to Lauren…

Over the years, I’ve found myself surrounded by some pretty amazing individuals. Singers, Models, Athletes, Honor students…whatever, I was lucky enough to always be around smart, beautiful people oozing with talent. Seriously, I was like a magnate for the above average…Which makes one wonder what the hell I’m doing…or not doing…as the case may be. Anyways…

People say that every friend you have comprises some sort of quality or function that you need in life. For instance…they might push you to accomplish your goals, or constantly keep you on your toes—banter sessions full of snark. I’ve known people who have helped me and hurt me…but changed me in ways that could never be reversed. In the words of my current musical favorite, “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But, because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

Nice, hu? (And for those of you not lucky enough to have seen it, it’s from WICKED.)

There is one person…who has not only changed me, but walked with me through some very interesting circumstances…The first time I ever had a “backstage” moment (Not to be a Rockstar, or anything, but can I get your number?)…my “drugged by a frat boy evening” (There is a God, and his name is George)…AP Statistics (I KNOW!)…Vegetarian eating (Are all the plates square?)…getting into 21 and up before we’d graduated from High School…drunken phone calls…being cool and sewing…helping me move from Austin…then back to Austin…movie nights, hair dying, makeup doing, champagne drinking…the list could go on for pages and pages. But that’s not why she’s getting an ode.

You see, Ms…well, let’s just leave her surname off here for her own protection…Lauren is going to be my first International visitor. While introducing me to Gmail…I know, it sounds sexual, but it’s Google’s answer to hotmail…we’ve planed a flight out here. Considering that, in over a year of living in Vegas, I had one good friend visit, I’m absolutely ecstatic. Like, literally skipping around grinning at everyone…the guy at Starbucks that I ordered my grandenonfatextrashotextradrycappuccino from asked me if I’d just gotten laid or something.

While the thought does have it’s merits, it’s so far from the truth that it’s kind of funny.

Speaking of funny…while heading into the theatre to catch an afternoon showing of “The Brothers Grimm,” I had the guy attending the doors giving me twenty questions. Eventually he got to the point of asking me out…but first expressing disbelief that I could have possibly been willing to attend a movie by myself. Instead of realizing the two were related, I spend most of the previews pondering the fact that I usually go to the movies, by myself Saturday afternoon. Seriously, am I the only person who does this???

You know what...please don't answer that.

Luckily, Charlize Theron in black leather snapped me out of that one pretty darn quick…maybe I’m the only one, but I remember sneaking out of bed when I was like…ten…to watch the animated Aeon Flux on MTV at night…Even if the movie is awful, it will be worth my $10. The Grimm Brothers was not completely unfortunate…but I don’t think I would have gone if Guess had been having another sale…so…there you go…

I start boxing in September…which is going to make me slightly more dangerous than I already am…although it gives me flashes of CIA type fame…secret agent: Isabella Fatale…codename: The Actress.

Hehe…well, I never ONCE claimed to be free from delusions, now did I?

Quote of the Moment: “People always ask me if I’ll remember them if I become famous…I always ask them if they’ll remember me if I don’t…”

Soundtrack of the Moment: The Black Album, Metallica
Movie/TV Quote: From Childstar, “It's your fantasy; I'm Canadian.”

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Jackie said...

Ok, Christine, you are NOT the only one who goes to movies by yourself! (please refer to my last blog if you need proof)