Saturday, January 20, 2007

God & the Damned*

I don’t understand people who think they understand God.

No, seriously.

I don’t understand to the point of religious anger. To the point of violence. To the point of hating all that decides what is good and just and right.

Religion doesn’t even cover all the elements I speak of. Religion doesn’t cover viruses, or clauses, or uncertainties. It doesn’t cover bastards, or mistresses, or…well, most of anything. It doesn’t cover today. The now and the here. The pain of disbelief, in a time where science knows that the sun is the center and not the world. Where DNA shows that evolution is what happened. And humands weren’t the first beings on earth.

And why should it be?

Even if the bible is in all ways true, it was written in a time of certain people for a certain purpose. Tricky, don’t you think? Because I do. I have been told I’m not a Christian, I’m not a believer, and I’m not right. Fine enough.

I am not many things I should be. I have done many things I shouldn’t. Or so I’m told. I’m am not so high to think I know what God has in store. What God has planed. I know what I feel and what I believe. I ask no one to come with me, and no one to believe exactly what I do.

So why am I the evil? Why am I the damned? I do not know myself, nor do I wish to speculate on the issue.

At the end of the day, I do not believe it is through works, ascertain of religion, or righteousness of the soul that brings a person from earth to heaven. God choses. And in God’s choices I believe. That’s it, and that’s all. No more needed from me.

Because what am I, but a sinner looking for salvation?

*the preceding is simply a statement on beliefs, and a show of how said beliefs can not be changed by books, words, classes, or feelings. Belief exists or doesn’t. For one reason or another. For science or for faith. Whatever your personal thoughts, I give you complete cart Blanche. You follow your own hearts. All I ask is you take responsibilities for the outcomes. Follow your minds, your hearts…but most of all your soul.

Quote of the Moment: “Oh, so you’re like a virgin, then.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: BuckCherry’s “CrazyBitch”
TV/Movie Quote: G-Spot, “No-no. It wasn’t a guy. My gyno says the POLE gave me gonorrhea…well, apparently your pole was less disease ridden than mine.”

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