Tuesday, April 24, 2007

University Student, Take Two?

So I’ve officially been accepted to the University of Toronto. Unofficially, more or less, I’ve been accepted to York University (more on that issue later). It’s funny, because the first time I applied to college it wasn’t like this. I mean, I was super excited when I got into SWT—I mean, I figured I HAD to get in, but it was still super cool to see laid out all official on paper. Then I went nuts when I got accepted into the honors program. Not only was I a college chick, but an honors college chick??

Rock ‘n’ Roll.

This time, though, it was completely different. I felt…just…relieved? I mean, the whole applying thing come out on a whim anyways, during a week when I was ready to completely throw my arms up at work and start screaming, ‘I quit!’ at everyone who happened to walk by me no matter their position or relationship to me. So the idea of getting in wasn’t so much of a “the rest of my life hinges on this” thing as it was a…well, a “this will give me some other options” thing.

Basically, getting in sets me up for a big decision I wasn’t planning on making until I had officially been accepted—which I honestly didn’t think would happen. And which I definitely didn’t think would happen NOW. Shesh. But not to worry. Until my meeting tomorrow with one UT advisor, I still don’t have to make any life changing decisions. Of course, after that, I’m really running out of things to do BEFORE I make a decision.

Damn it.

To top it all off, York U has been sending me almost daily emails encouraging me to do everything from apply for scholarships to spending the summer studying in Costa Rica. Having said this, the fuckers still have yet to accept me. Not that it matters, really, anymore. I don’t much care about York if I can get into UT. Which…apparently, I can…so, yea me?

On a completely unrelated note, I’m absolutely in love with Microsoft right now. Not only are the 2007 Office programs rocking my world in the worst way, but I just got my Vista upgrade Friday. Oh, if I could only express my joy in this.

Just so we’re clear, I’m completely aware I’m a nerd. I’ve never—to my standing memory, anyways—claimed to be anything different. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I’m not bad with the molecular biology. I think I do an okay job understanding concepts that are above ‘normal’ parameters, but I’m enough of an artist to allow a certain leeway to inconsistencies that I think your average science/math freaks are completely unable to accept.

I’d go so far as to say I’m the best of both worlds. Artsy Geek, if you will. Whatever, I’m excited.

This artsy geekiness does bring us back to my problem with school. So…I’m looking at class options. I’d say I want to take about 78% of the English programs. At least 50% of the Linguistics program caught my interest. Not to even get into general humanities, psychology, molecular biology, theatre, psycholinguistics, and marketing.

I get that it’s really a rather good thing to be good at and have interest in lots of different things. It does, however, cause more of an issue for the whole forcing myself to make a decision thing.

Hm. That was two “thing”s in the same number of sentences. I feel that might be slightly excessive. Especially since…in my-WOOHOO-widescreen laptop’s screen the thing’s are on top of one another.

See what I’m doing here? Distracting myself—and my reader, in theory—while not making decisions that could affect the rest of my life?

Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

Um…also…it’s weird that GG’s has this whole little story line going on where Paris has too many decisions about Grad schools and Rory hasn’t gotten any acceptance letters yet…and the good/bad points of the two positions…right? I mean, I’m not crazy that I think it’s strange that the week I tune in (after at least 3 away) THIS is what the show’s centered about, right? Right?

Yeah, okay, I’m done. That’s it for now…probably much more fun next week…what with mom and boys and horse racing…After all…um…whoops.

Leaving for real this time…

Quote of the Moment: “No one gets their way with you…No, I’ve HAD my way with you. But I don’t GET my way with you. There’s a difference.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: The entire new Avril Levine CD…but most especially “hot” and “innocence”
TV/Movie Quote: Fight Club:

Narrator: [voiceover] People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden.
Tyler Durden: Three minutes. This is it - ground zero. Would you like to say a few words to mark the occasion?
Narrator: ...i... ann... iinn... ff... nnyin...
Narrator: [voiceover] With a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels. [Tyler removes the gun from the Narrator's mouth]
Narrator: I can't think of anything.
Narrator: [voiceover] For a second I totally forgot about Tyler's whole controlled demolition thing and I wonder how clean that gun is.

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