Monday, June 04, 2007

Stuff and Things...but NOT About DC

See, this is why I try not to wait a month before blogging. I mean, I’m so far behind on myself, I have no idea how to make up the difference in time.

Well, let’s get started, shall we?

The meeting with the UT advisor was worthless. I swear I don’t remember the last time I heard that many ‘I don’t know/I’m not sure’s. You’d think that someone who was in a position like that would at least be able to tell what I had to do in order to determine if I had prior equivalency credit for a certificate they offered.

I left really frustrated. REALLY frustrated. Frustrated enough to make me want to give up the whole idea of college all together. I mean, why the hell was I going to go to college when it wasn’t going to even help me get what I needed?

Then I got my acceptance from York. Well, that’s a lie, I got two acceptances to York. One to the Professional Writing BA, the other to the Honors Psychology BA. How do I react to this news??

I basically had a mini-panic attack.

I mean, the whole purpose of me applying into all these different things, was that someone would tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I would be further restricted, my options limited. But no. I have all these great opportunities in front of me.


After a long heart to heart with a bunch of people smarter than me, I decided to accept the offer from York’s Psych department. I’m not sure that I’ll even stay with it, since Psych isn’t REALLY what I want to do now. Either way, at least York seems to have their shit togher and don’t mind giving me…I don’t know…oh, actual ADVICE.

I caught up on my Sopranos today. It was kinda amazing, not going to lie. Also makes me realize I have to watch out for: 1. Men who work in my industry; and 2. Men who happen to be hard core Italians.

Yes, I realize this is not fair, but, I’m perfectly okay with not being fair if that means that my husband won’t get wacked because of some fourth removed misdemeanor. Also, I have a certain penchant for light eyed men. It’s a curse, I’m well aware.

The funny thing is…after much chit chat, Cin asked if Carmella Soprano reminded me of my mother. My natural reaction was to say, “no, of course not.” But there is a certain level of truth to that. A certain level that, really, I’m entirely uncomfortable with.

Damn it.

Well, next time—hopefully tomorrow—I’ll talk about DC. Until then…
Ciao, my friends. And love. Lot’s of love to all of you!

Quote of the Moment: “Um…the bed’s not made…and I’m clearly not having sex on THAT.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: FlyLeaf, “All Around Me”
TV/Movie Quote: Sopranos:

Phil Leotardo: When our ancestors arrived at Ellis Island, they came with the name Leonardo, but the immigration people changed it to Leotardo.
Bobby Baccalieri Jr.: Why?
Phil Leotardo: Because they're stupid, that's why. They took our proud Italian heritage, and named us after a ballet costume.
Vito Jr.: Leotards are for acrobats. Tutus are for ballet.
Bobby Baccalieri Jr.: It doesn't make a difference!
Phil Leotardo: That's right, it doesn't.

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