Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Contemplative Commentary

Yeeeeeah. Remember that whole bit about me not getting sick? Forget I said anything. Honestly, let’s just pretend like that never even happened.

Why, you ask? Because I’m sick. Seriously gross. Makes me want to scream, a little bit.
The doc says I have bronchitis creeping into pneumonia. Which is interesting, only because I had no idea that one was even related to another. But really isn’t interesting, because…well, I have it. Notsomuch with the fun.

Anywhodle, let’s talk about happier things, shall we?

The BFKP and I did a copy of last weekend this past weekend…which is to say we basically spent every possible minute together. It makes it really hard to keep emotional distance from someone when you’re with him for hours on end. Of course, the fact that he has this quirky, charmingly funny personality is also a major factor preventing me from being all too cool for school. I met and got approval from his sister and some of his old friends on Saturday…and spent most of Sunday laying on the couch together napping.

It bothers me how much I like him…and worries me how fast this is going. I mean, our first actual conversation was the end of November/beginning of December. We’re not even half-way through January and I’m finding myself with my head tucked between my knees preparing for a crash landing.

I know, I know, so sickeningly sweet that I’m giving you a toothache, right? Well…deal with it. Anyone who can make me smile that much through semi-regular coughing while I’m sporting a voice like a pre-pubescent boy deserves a little blogging appreciation. :D Besides, it looks like I might be keeping thisaone for awhile, so we might as well get used to it.

In other news, I saw both Sweeny Todd and Juno. Both were excellent, in extremely different ways. Sweeny just beat Juno out for the Golden Globe Best Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy (and seriously, is the writer’s strike over YET?!), but I don’t know that it will have as much luck with the other awards. Don’t get me wrong, Todd is great. It’s gruesome, energetic, and riddled with enough talent to make any theatre goer pee their pants. (Also: musical! Yea!) Juno, though, is something different entirely. There’s a sweetness to it that probably wouldn’t exist in reality, but the dialog is performed with such a stunning and irreverent grace that it speaks to many different ages and emotions.

There is a quote from it that, inexplicably, I can’t seem to find anywhere (WTF, IMDb?), that talks about love…and the possible expiry date of love. A father’s advice to his young daughter is (in summary) to find someone who loves you for exactly who you are right now. There’s something wonderfully poignant about that. In a way it almost covers the idea of unconditional love…but with conditions. Except the conditions aren’t creepy or hard or even unreasonable. Tell the truth, be yourself, and let your heart sometimes win out over your head.
I totally want to see it again. :p

Right, well, I could go rambling on here for awhile, but I’m finding myself both super sleepy and a little too hopped up on Dayquil, so I’m going to nix this one here. So let me say goodnight, my beloved, sweet things, and may you always sleep to dream.

Quote of the Moment:
Ms. I:
I called him my boyfriend and me his girlfriend last night. Both were accidental...and both made him crack up. I'm like, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I donno what I just said!"
Lauren: Hahahah. Way to take it slow there, Killer
Soundtrack of the Moment: Boys Like Girls, “Hero/Heroine”
TV/Movie Quote: Shoot ‘Em Up: “Mr. Hertz: My god! Do we really suck or is this guy really that good?

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