Monday, June 16, 2008

My Favorite Gay

In the past little while, MGFM and I haven’t really done so much of the hanging out. Part of the issue was his Ex…part of the issue was mine…and another issue all together was the resentment felt by both of us for being usurped by…well, dumb boys.

After our respective breakups, MGFM and I started getting back in the habit of chatting. He updated his boy dossier, I gave him the info on my newest interest. We seemed to be moving back into that realm of actually, you know, being friends.

Then again…we still hadn’t seen each other. He’s busy, I’m busy…and sometimes, as much as you might really want to keep up with a friendship, life just has other plans for you.

Thursday night, that all changed. He swung by for a bit, just to say hi and for us to actually see one another. He seems happier, if a little unorganized, at the moment. Of course, with everything I’ve got going on right now, I’m not really one to talk.

Saturday evening was more of the same. After some chit-chatting, and an update on his random celebrity encounter, we got to work…washing cars. That’s right, at around eight at night, MGFM and I washed our respective cars in the driveway. It was hilarious. Do you have any idea how man innuendos come up during a car wash? With all the “wet,” “hose,” and “dirty” talk, it felt like every five seconds one or the other of us was saying, “That’s what he/she said!”

We also had a little RockStar party where we drove around with the windows down blasting “When I Grow Up” while throwing money around and drinking Cristal. Yeah, okay, that’s a lie. There was money, but it was not being thrown anywhere outside of a wallet or two. And there was none of the drinking, clearly.

He’s turning 21 shortly, so we’ve got a red-carpet event we’re trying to plan…which should be hilarious no matter how you slice it.

He even told me I should invite BILL… :D

Sometimes people surprise you…in a really good way, you know?

Quote of the Moment: “Well, you know, I have a really big head…so I constantly have to buy new pillows.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: illScarlet, OneA
TV/Movie Quote: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: [watching a "Tortoise and the Hare" cartoon on TV] You believe this guy? Come on, Ninja kick the damn rabbit! Do something!

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