Friday, September 26, 2008


Dude(s) [and, clearly, here; Dudettes, as well]. Soooooo busy.

More soon. Promise.

Don't hate me; it's student time.

And...weirdly....I'm okay with that. Deal.

As a side note, (but not really), thanks so much for all the support and loveliness that has occurred in the last little while.

Also, quickly, saw Tropic Thunder. You know something is off with the world as a whole, when Matthew McConaughey plays the straightest--and I'm not talking sexual preference here--character in the entire movie. Still, I laughed. Enjoyable, if forgettable.

Same again with Burn After Reading. I've never been a huge Coen fan. Nor have I ever truly touted one of their movies. This one is funny, it's entertaining...but it's got the same sort of...seariously, that's all you had to say?...of all their other flicks. Still, Brad Pitt makes me happy regardless of the filck he's in.

Mmmm...Brad Pitt...

Right...enough for now...


Quote of the Moment: "You can't argue and win with a tween; it's impossible—against the laws of physics. They aren't rational beings."
Soundtrack of the Moment: Christina Aguilera, Keeps Getting Better

TV/Movie Quote: Burn After Reading:

CIA Superior: What did we learn?
CIA Officer: Uh...
CIA Superior: Not to do it again. [pause] I don't know what the fuck it is we *did*, what did we learn from this?
CIA Officer: Um... I don't know.

CIA Superior: I don't fuckin' know either.

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