Monday, October 20, 2008

Pardon Me?

Right, so lately I’ve kinda been all over the place. We all know this, I do believe I’ve made it perfectly clear. The funny thing about it, is how dang out of touch with myself all this has made me. Everything seems to be catching me off guard. Everything is kinda…remembered after the fact, I guess. Like that thing that happens when you don’t understand something someone has said, say, “Pardon?” (Or the less enjoyable, “Huh?”), and then realize what the person said.

This first happened when I was searching for background noise while I was doing my homework. (Don’t let the authorities fool you, kiddies, not everyone should study in pure silence, away from all distractions. Maybe it has something to do with my home life in high school…or the futility of expecting quiet to study in the dorms. Wow, this is a rather long aside…even for me. Lets soldier merrily along, shall we?) The Birdcage was on, so I turned it there. Pretty soon, I wasn’t doing so much of the work, as I was laughing my ass off at the movie. How is it that I never remember how much I love this movie, how funny it is, and then I see it on TV and can’t stop myself from giggling out loud? Someone please explain?

There’s another movie that I have a similar, but different issue with. I never think of listing it as one of my favorites. I always kinda put to the back of my mind, but then I hear or see something about it and I gush relentlessly. I am referring to, of course, The Man From Snowy River. The what from what-what, you ask? Well, this movie came out before I was born. However, in this movie horses and Australian accents abound (This could actually be the source of my attraction to Australian accents. It is 100% responsible for my attraction to duns/smoky buckskins.) and the story/acting/score ain’t bad either. It was followed up by a sequel, which was a poorer movie, but had more exciting/nifty scenes. Quantity, over quality, as it were.

By far my most favorite and awe-inspiring scene, is below. There is no way this stunt could be approved for a movie made today. For one, insurance would disallow the main actor to be used (as he was in this filming). For two, the AHA who SAG requires to watch out for animals during filming, as well as most other animal activists would cause a shitstorm over it. Personally, I can’t see a horse jumping blind the way this one does without wanting to, but I digress. Let’s watch the scene, shall we?

[set-up: an extremely valuable racehorse has been released into the wild and is running with a herd of wild brumbies. A reword has been offered for capture, but when the wild horses jump down the shear side of a mountain, the low-land riders give up for another day. Except for one…]

Supreme awesomeness, no?

In other news of me completely being confused, I give you this:

Ms.I: It's just funny, b/c she has a similar feeling for the cold that you do.

Lauren: I still have it -- it's worse. Like, I'm nauseous, but not like I’m going to get sick. And kind of have a headache. Blah -- I just had a ginger ale.

Ms.I: I just realized what happened here.

I said, "She has the same thing for the cold that you do." And you thought I was saying she had a cold. I meant the weather. Which made your response hella crazy.

Lauren: Hahah. Oops

Ms.I: I literally read it like, seven times, going...Lauren gets nauseous and has to drink ginger ale when it's cold outside?

Lauren: haha, that too :-p

Ms.I: Right, so, now that we're clear on all that. :p That was awesome, btw.

Lauren: yeah, confusion is the best

Ms.I: Well, only when it's funny. Or moderately fourth-grader. Like "sea-men"

I honestly don’t know if that will be funny to anyone not me, but I found it hilarious. The thing is Lauren and I rarely have miscommunications. We are abnormally synced up. We often feel the need to warn people not familiar with us together about how our powers combine and make us nearly incomprehensible to a layman. With the singular “twirling penguin” exception, I can’t really think of a time when this happened. Now I’m like, great, more of this to look forward to in the future.

Damn school. :p

Yeah, that about covers it for now. Loves ya!

Quote of the Moment:

Dad: I was thinking about getting you a prescription.

Ms.I: Oh, really? A prescription?

Dad: Yeah, why is that a problem?

Ms.I: Subscription, Dad? Because otherwise you just offered to get me drugs.

Dad: Sorry, subscription.

Ms.I: For a second there I had the feeling you were going to force some percocet on me.

Dad: Oh, shut up.
Soundtrack of the Moment: PCD, “Magic”

TV/Movie Quote: The Birdcage:

Armand: What are you giving him drugs for? What the hell are Pirin tablets?
Agador: It's aspirin with the "A" and the "S" scraped off.
Armand: My God, what a brilliant idea!
Agador: I know.

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