Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yadda, yadda, ya

Wow…right, so I don’t even know where to start with this one.

Since leaving work, my fish spawned, Ike hit Houston, my LV wallet went MIA—while containing basically every piece of information about my life, Lauren and I had lovely hour-long catch-up, I put a minor dent into my increasingly ridiculously large pile of scholastic reading material…among other things.

Seriously, I’m all sorts of crazy with the things and the stuff.

Speaking of (me being crazy, not the things and stuff), I somehow have not ever heard of this (possibly not real?) shotgun that is so beautiful, I simply must write it into my next spy story. I enjoy the name of MK3A1 over the more reliable Pancor Jackhammer, but I’ll take it either way. Seriously, that’s beautiful. Not that I use shotguns…it just seems like…if I did…that’s the one I’d like to use.

Right, moving on. I have the Twilight script. That’s right, you heard me. (Leave me a comment with your email if you want it.) I was totally loving it…then…I donno, it lost me sometime after the big reveal. Given, I don’t have the last cut of the script, what I do have (Blue Draft) is—I believe—close to the finale draft.

Speaking of the Twilight movie, someone please explain to me how I never once looked at Rob Pattinson and thought, “Hm, not bad.” Yet now, all of a sudden, I’m all, “Daaaaaamn boy!” How exactly does that work? Dare I say (as I truly do believe) that it’s a hair thing? I mean, tell me that these two pics give you the same feelings of hot, lust-worthy British boy?

Didn’t think so.

Wait…what’s that you say? I’m crazy? They look exactly the same? Oh, well, I tried.

In other news of the me, clearly, being not of a rational mind. I really, really love BBC’s Robin Hood series. I know, I know, I’ve commented on it before. Still, that was only after the first season. I have now watched all of season two as well. Not that I in any way approve of how the second season ended. Hmm, I suppose it’s not really a good sign that I think Gordon Kennedy’s commentary is funnier than most of what’s on TV these days.

Although…having said that…I’m rather interested in seeing where exactly they go with the Mentalist. Not that it’s funny. (Hmm, didn’t do so good with the segue there, did I?) So far, I’m…curious. Not super excited or…you know…devoted. Still, I’m curious. Ditto with Fringe. Perhaps more with Fringe than the Mentalist…except for the fact that I am unable to see Joshua Jackson without thinking, “Look! It’s Pacey!” And that’s even considering the whole gay stint on Cruel Intentions. I watch that and think, “Look! It’s Pacey! Being gay!”

Having rambled about all that…I am leaning towards liking both shows…with extreme hesitation.

In completely and utterly unrelated news, my champagne/gold/grande/star birthday is coming up this February. I’m honestly considering a trip to London…except…my friends aren’t in London. Cin has said she’d be interested in going…and that inandof itself might be kinda amazing. Still, there’s a big part of me that just wants to hook up with Lauren and drink me some champagne. Thoughts?

Quote of the Moment: "Great minds drink alike."
Soundtrack of the Moment: Janelle, “Amazing”

TV/Movie Quote: Robin Hood:

Marian[accusingly]: You were looking at me.

Robin: That's just the way my eyes were pointing!

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