Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Auditions I Did…and Didn’t...Attend

First things first: to all you crazy kids who bitched about no blog yesterday…I WILL NOT write everyday. It’s too much of a commitment for me at this point in my life. =} Now that we’ve got that out of the way….

Okay, so yesterday I get this e-mail:

Hi Christine,
We just wanted to personally thank you for taking
the time out of your busy schedule to audition for us.
Like some of the others, your reading was very
impressive making our jobs of casting this role a lot
harder. We will be making our decision within the next
couple of days, so please check your e-mail
periodically as you will receive a notice regarding
the part. Again, thanks on behalf of (Name Deleted) Films
and we will be in touch soon.
(Name Deleted)

Nice right? Except here’s the thing…I never read for these people. This kinda feels like the time I didn’t Rush my freshmen year but still got a Bid for a sorority—superficial bastards. Anyways, yesterday was supper crazy since my direct manager was not in and I helped to cover. So getting this e-mail was the highlight of my day. I think I laughed for a good five minutes. I swear, people are so retarded. Well, it was nice of them to make me feel important…especially since I had an audition last night.

Right, so auditioning…it’s a tricky thing, really. I mean, you’ve got a two to six sentence character analysis that rarely conveys much more than what happens to them in the script; an overall story synopsis that *might* have things like time, location, and circumstances in it; and your own body and mind to convey this new person. Late Tuesday I get follow-up explaining that the script is still going through revisions so the audition will be improv. This suits me fine, as I tend to be more comfortable speaking the character through my own words…it’s pretty difficult to fudge a line and there’s nothing to memorize.

So, I head downtown to the Canadian Broadcast Company a full 45 minutes before my audition time. Mapquest assured me the trip would take 22 minutes…yeah, they apparently don’t drive while a game is going on downtown. Seriously took me 15 minutes to drive across three intersections. Then the parking! OMG! It was worse than Austin back in the day, even with my super parallel parking skills. I finally find a $5 parking garage…but I’ve only got $4.32 cash…so the old dude covering the front booth takes my license as collateral and lets me park.

Finally I’m auditioning…but no improv…no, no, we’ve got sides (a scene from the script)…and now I’m auditioning for both lead characters…which is great, except one is a bookish no confidence twenty year old, and the other is a late teens social butterfly. Seriously, sometimes I feel schizophrenic. Sides can be okay…especially if I’m bouncing off another actor. Nope again, I got to read with the D.A.

So…how’d it go?

Good question. Well, I was pretty keyed up, and rusty from my recent audition drought. I honestly was surprised they kept me after for a lot of follow up questions (i.e. “Do you have any make-up/food allergies?”; “Are you okay with working nights?”; “You realize that Corey is raped, are you going to be able to handle getting a ripped shirt?”; and so on). Generally follow up questions are a good sign, but nothing is certain with auditions…we shall see, we shall see.

Tonight, I got a dinner date with Ash, which is amazing because I haven’t really hung out with her since I’ve been in town. For those of you who know my lovely cousin, she’s now blonde, tan, and supper toned…she looks like a damn Hawaiian Tropic model. Tomorrow is Friday, but no going out, because I’ve got another audition Saturday morning.

Well…at least I’m popular.

Quote of the Moment: “If Wyle E. Coyote had enough cash to buy all that ACME crap, why didn’t he just buy himself a damn dinner?”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Eve6’s self titled, more specifically, “Super Hero Girl”
TV/Movie Quote : (I sware it’s the last Roswell quote in awhile)
Maria: Where were you?
Michael: Where was I supposed to be?
Maria: We were supposed to have lunch at school today.
Michael: Today's Saturday.
Maria: Today's Friday. Hello, where are you?
Michael: I'm right here. Where's Saturday?
Maria: What, are you guys saving the world from alien invasion?
Michael: Would that keep you from kicking my ass?

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