Monday, August 08, 2005

Regarding Aliens

Okay, so clearly I have decided to create a blog. I’m honestly not sure if I even like the idea, because it sort of feels like googling my own name. A little narcissistic, perhaps?

Heh, either way, here I am.

So, for the past few weeks or so I have rediscovered Roswell. You guys remember, the crazy WB—then UPN—show that tried to mix Star Track and My So-Called Life, with varying degrees of success? Yeah anyways, I kind of obsessed over the show during its first season; originally due to the fact that I loved Katherine Heigl in My Father the Hero…weirdly enough she was the co-star of my first ever movie gig (The Ringer). Watching it all over again reminds me of being 17 and having my girlfriends over in the hot tub outside watching the television and whispering ridiculously about the aliens coming to take us away. I swear, we weren’t even drinking. Just giggly teenage girls, enjoying life I guess.

Anyways, the point of this rant…Brendan Fehr, AKA one of the Aliens on Roswell. Last year right about this time, the Toronto International Film Festival was going on, and I’d flown in for an unrelated celebration. I really wanted to attend one of the Gala’s, but my schedule wouldn’t allow it. Needless to say, as a non-local chick from Las Vegas, I seemed to be meeting a few dozen people every hour. So when I’m standing in the airport line for customs and I recognize this guy walking up behind me, I figure I must have met him at one of the parties or clubs or whatever. Hah. Nope…I keep staring and it hits me…Brendan Fehr, my favorite alien, which I confirmed by sneaking a peak at his bag tag: Fehr/Brendan LAX.

You’d think that I’d live up to my reputation as an outgoing, completely inexorable, firecracker and at least say, “Hi, and as a fellow actor I really like your work.” (Of course mentioning Sugar or something not teeny bopper related.) But no, I was completely struck shy, barely able to mutter an, “Excuse me,” when someone bumped into me and I bumped into him.

Needless to say, my giggly girlfriends…now much less giggly but no less interested in hot tubs and cute boys, nearly disowned me. Now that I’m going over the shows again…well, let’s just say I recognize the missed opportunity it was.

So, the moral of this story is: this year, actually make it to a few screenings at the Fest, live up to my own potential, and never be afraid to talk to an actor just because he’s kind of cute.

Right, sounds like a plan. Well, we shall see…

Favorite quote of the moment: “IMDb is a landfill of egotistical morons.”
Soundtrack of the moment: Tonic’s Lemon Parade…more specifically “If You Could Only See.”

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