Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bad Lama!, blogger! And a farewell to Alias...

Right, so clearly I’m a bad, bad blogger. Well, deal with it, I’ve been doing stuff and things. And just remember, Buckos, this blog would not be at all if not for the stuff and things. Capesh?

I decided that I needed a mental blow job, so I wrote a fanfic fan fiction, if you prefer. I know, I know, totally lame and a waste of time, but—again, I needed some positive reinforcement of my writing. (Should you be VERY bored, you can find said fiction here.

This is, of course, in addition to the actual novel I’m writing. At approximately 300 pages, Lauren is doing an edit for me. I know I’d mentioned this before, but I put her on hold when I realized a major plot edit I’d done was lost in my Vegas stuff. Having rewritten my Vegas stuff is STILL not yet in storage...I did a fast edit myself and shot the thing over to her.

I tried to tell myself to forget about it, because, you know, I have issues with this stuff...I care so little what people think of me...until you get to my friends. Then I care. *sigh* Peer pressure sucks.

ANYWAYS, my point in this (God, do I ever have a point?), is that, today Lauren sent me an e-mail saying she was having problems editing it...


Hehe...I’m not super excited about that or anything...really. Don’t believe me? Hu, maybe I should work on my delivery.

This comes on the tail end of my Mother’s (HAPPY B-DAY, by the way MOM!) critiquing, which is more demanding another chapter then critiquing, really...but you know what I mean. I’ve found that I can actually control how my mother feels about me, depending on what I do to my characters. I put a character she likes in a bad situation, and she makes her displeasure known...I put the character in a good position, and she likes me again...Go figure...

I must only use this power for good...

>:} Riiiiight.

In other news, MGFM and I FINALLY hit a club. It was actually MGFM’s official apology for me, do to the Halloween mix up.

We hit The C Lounge in Toronto. The club itself is fine...if a bit...shall we say “pompous”? However, since MGFM knows that I do not do lines nor cover charges, he made sure to VIP the whole thing...and buy all my drinks all night, which was above and beyond for an apology...I did not, however, stop him. (Do I look like an idiot? You know, don’t answer that.)

Despite some ramped “I love the Eighties” drug use in the bathrooms, the night went fairly well. The funniest thing about the night? Several guys would start talking to me...and kept asking if MGFM was my boyfriend...Hahahaha...One obnoxious Italian (honestly, you guys, what is it with the greasy European act? REAL Europeans don’t act like that!) guy like, whispered if he could have my number—so MGFM couldn’t hear. I, being mean, screamed, “YOU CAN ASK ME FOR MY NUMBER IN FRONT OF HIM!!!” I figured he’d think I was a bitch and, no, I forget boys like being punished. Unfortunately, (a drunk) MGFM, starts rattling off my cell number...

I’ve been fantasying about getting him back for that’s going to be excellent.

What else? OH YEAH! SNOW! Seriously, like, falling from the sky...makes me soooo happy! Also, incidentally, drives my co-workers INSANE. They do not understand the concept of living in a SAUNA for your entire life... and, okay, doing jeté leaps down the hall because it’s snowing isn’t normal...but who the hell ever said I was?

Clearly, not I.

It just accured to me that I’ve managed excessive use of caps lock today...I’ll try to work on that in the future.

Until then...

Quote of the Moment: “Dude, it's all about balance. I mean, you just can't gorge yourself on sex, drugs, rock & roll, and butter.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Les Miserable, Original Broadway Recording
TV/Movie Quotes: From Alias (There are a lot, because I am officially no longer able to watch the damn show—THANK YOU JJ Abrams for using all the good stuff on Lost!!! GERRRR!):

Vaughn: Okay, let's take things one step at a time. This is a charge of C4. I can tell because there's 'C4' written all over it.

Vaughn: Do you think you can be in love with two people at the same time?
Weiss: No. I don't. However, I did have the same intense feelings for both Sporty and Posh Spice.
Vaughn: Yeah, who didn't?

[Sydney and Marshall have just talked their way past a security post]
Sydney: What did you say to him?
Agent Marshall Flinkman: [nervous] I don't know. I think it was "Go away I can smell you from here" in Ewok.

Sark: You know it's a pity we're traveling separately. We could've used the opportunity to get to know each other better.
Sydney: Yeah, I'm broken up about that too.
Sark: You're surprisingly adept at keeping your curiosity in check.
Sydney: Don't flatter yourself.

Sydney: You've lost weight.
Agent Eric Weiss: Yeah, I stopped eating all the foods I like. I'm miserable, but I look really good.

Weiss: Okay, whenever you want to have that talk...
Vaughn: What talk?
Weiss: About the cologne or whatever the hell you're wearing.
Vaughn: I'm not wearing cologne.
Weiss: Well, something's going on. No man naturally smells as good as you do right now.

McKenas Cole: Dear person... beating up my men!!!

Vaughn: [severely] Look, if I'm not back in a couple of hours I'm probably dead.
Agent Eric Weiss: [nodding]Good to know.


Anonymous said...

Bad bad llama. It's been 3 weeks!!!

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