Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back By Popular Demand

Hello beautiful people!

So…same ol’ story…I haven’t written in awhile. Some *ahem*…stalkers…*ahem*…have made issues with my lax attention to my blog. (Haha…I totally just typed blogn…which sounds like “noggin” and opens up so many doors for you snarksters out there. Clearly, not using my noggin when I’m doing my blogn.) Right, so I have all the usual excuses…yes, mass craziness over the past month being at the top of the list…but, honestly, when is my life NOT crazy?

There’s a lot we have to cover, people, so we’re going to work it like this:

—This blog—
Standard random commentary on recent experiences not punctuated by what we shall call…actual events.
—The following blog—
Coverage of the big events I’ve been too lazy to get into, including, but not limited to…
-Chicago ASHRAE
-My Boston Trip
-MGFM’s B-day present to me

Everyone still with me? Fantastic, the Running Commentary shall commence!

Right, so when last we spoke, I was giving you my “best” picks for 2005. I would like to note that, with the exception of Best Actor…I was pretty spot on. Now, I’m so pissed off at the Oscar nominations, I’m strongly considering boycotting the whole thing…which will be the first year I have EVER not watched. Of course, with Jon Stewart as host, I MAY be able to not take offense to the films/people that were slighted.

Moving on…

In keeping with my own personal belief system, I’ve decided to fully take on a cause. My pick? AIDS…there are a great many campaigns worth mentioning here. The Right to Know Project and See/Hear/Speak No Evil are just two of my favorites. Both of which focus on, what I believe to be, the most important issue: knowledge. Know the facts, get tested, and recognize the risks. Knowledge is the only power no one can take away from us, so exercise your right to know. Google either campaign or just click here for more information.

Speaking of sexual issues…well, kinda…I finally saw Team America: World Police. While—overall—I did find humor in the puppets acting under the influence of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, I was seriously disturbed by the sex scene. Brought back memories of my Psychology of Human Sexuality class…when we were shown anatomically corrected Teddy Grams having hardcore sex. Freaks me out…

January was a movie month for me…I tried to catch all the flicks I’d missed out on, while taking in the new options. In my usual method, I mixed up true Oscar worthy fair with the culty and the lovely…namely: Tristan & Isolde (Only good for Franco fans), Brokeback Mountain (Cried like a LITTLE girl), The Constant Gardener (Haunting), Underworld: Evolution (Hehe...you knew I couldn't stay away), Fun with Dick and Jane (Passable), and The Chronicles of Narnia (Fine, family fun).

Also, amid all the random acts of fights (detailed in the following blog), I’ve been putting some much needed time in reading. Finally finished Gregory Maguire’s sequel to Wicked, Son of a Witch. While Wicked itself has little in common with the musical of the same name, I truly enjoyed both. Maguire clearly has a historian’s “the perspective of history depends on the person who writes it” attitude, as reflected in his novels. Nearly all of them are “fairytales” told from the other side of the story. Reminds me of the favorite show ends with someone being shot and they cancel the show so you never find out who died. NOT COOL, Mr. Maguire…not cool at all.

Also…since I’m sort of already on this rant…I just found out my FAVORITE bubble bath in the world, LUSH’s candy cane, isn’t a year round product. So NOT okay. I literally bought every single bar they had left. Really makes me want to cry. Why do people keep doing these things to me?? Honestly, do I have “Likes being disappointed” stamped onto my forehead?? No, no I do not…so, please, just…stop, okay? No more!

On that note…no more!

Quote of the Moment: “I have decided that the reason people are so lovey-dovey with their Significant Others today [on Valentine's Day] is because the single people are so depressing, it's the only thing that keeps us from wanting to kill ourselves.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Bon Jovi’s Crossroads
TV/Movie Quote: From The Cutting Edge, “Hey, there's only two things I do well, sweetheart, and skating's the other one!”

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