Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where's the Tea Party?

Oh…what to get a girl that has everything, for her birthday…? A trip to see her boyfriend perhaps?

Of course, I get sick right before I’m scheduled to leave. I ignore all the signs and pray my ears don’t explode mid flight.

Once again I find myself headed to the airport. This time I had the bright idea of flying in early, so that we have the WHOLE day on Saturday together. The only problem with arriving at 8:30a means I’m leaving at 6:30a…which puts the two hour prior requirement for international flights at 4:30a. Airport’s 30 minutes from my house…you do the math. Long story short, I went to bed at 1:30a, woke up at 3:30a, and didn’t do anything close to napping on the plane.

In what is becoming my own personal inside joke, I come to find my flight is delayed…because the crew got on the wrong plane. Seriously you guys? WTF is going on with you airport people? Are you TRYING to make yourselves look bad?

All in all, everything works out, and I land only about 20 minutes late. However, I cannot find my boy. Normally, this would not have been such an issue. Unfortunately I’m wearing my 5 inch stripper heels, so running around the airport dragging my rolly bag is really not an option. Finally I spot Boston…headed down the escalator. I yell out his name…and he hears me or sees me…either way he sprints up the downward steps…LOL…and takes me into his arms.


We head to the hotel and discuss which of life’s three most important functions should be addressed first…sleep, food, or…haha…yeah, the other one. ;) We settle on food, and Boston treats me to breakfast in the hotel. He eats an amazing amount…it made me tired just looking at him…and eventually head back to the room…where I attempt to sleep…which turns into…loving and talking and generally making up for lost time.

Since meeting Mom and Brother are on the agenda for this day…I beg a rescheduling…as it is, we’ve planed to do a hang out with the friends at the hotel that evening. I get a brief rest, and then we hit the liquor store. Boston plans a meet up with his pal Matt…the one who gave me the “keep doing what you’re doing” speech?...and gets ready to pick him up. Again, I beg off the first meeting, choosing instead to get some much needed rest.

My first impression of Matt is this tall scruffy kid who could easily be a twin to my brother. I put on my best smile and try to play hostess in a hotel room in a city that’s not my own. The three of us order pizza and watch Scary Movie 3, all the while chit-chatting and bantering playfully. We are all half falling asleep when Boston whispers to me that Matt commented on wondering what I looked like naked. This is so hysterical to me…laying there with the too of them half passed out…that I cannot stop laughing.

Please, me naked is hardly worth mentioning.

Boston takes Matt home…and I decide to use the time to sleep. I wake up around 11pm and I get a weird feeling…it occurs to me that Boston should have been back by now. Again, I curse the fact that the kid has yet to get a cell phone. Seriously not okay. Turns out, the local cops yanked the boys over…and hassled them for awhile. I find it strange that the two of them have been pulled over more in the last week, then I have in my entire life…guess that’s kinda what happens when your uncle’s a cop and the whole squad knows you by face, name, and car.

We sleep…thank God.

I wake up early, and realize I’m more than a little sick.

Damn it.

We do the shower/get ready speal, and I spend a good hour curling my hair. Mom/brother meeting is at 1…Want to look cute for that, now don’t I? Of course I do. Weirdly, I decide I’m in the mood for my turquoise contacts…and, much weirder, my new MAC red lipstick…a color I haven’t really worn since I was 16 and desperate to look like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

:P Oh, the good ol’ days.

When I finally meet Boston’s Mom and brother, I’m cracked out on allergy/cold meds and feeling less than in my best form. Even so, I do my best to carry as much of the conversation as possible…which, thanks to BB (Boston’s Brother) and Mom quickly becomes unnecessary. I was even lucky enough to get hugs from the pair. See, everybody likes me! LOL. We wrap up lunch, I thank Mom for buying, and get an extra hug from BB.

Boston takes me to the drugstore, where I load up on Dayquil and orange juice…then we run buy the Mall. In a move I will never understand, half of the Mall isn’t open. Seriously? Who is out to get me on this trip?

Haha…speaking of people who probably aren’t so fawned of me…I see a pic of Boston’s ex, and spend most of our little shopping trip watching out for skinny blonds. I’m clearly ready to murder the girl.

I blame the half of bottle of Dayquil I drank.


Right, so after a disappointing mall run, we go by another friend’s place…I try to socialize, but I’m feeling more than a little sick and medicated. Even so, I ask the general “dating” questions. LOL…you know, how’d you two meet, what do you do…all the fun stuff every girl should know about her boyfriend’s boyfriends. Haha…yeah, I might have been using that joke a little too much.

Whatever, it’s funny.

We head back to the hotel, and I get told I have about an hour to get ready for “the surprise.” Whether it’s my nerves, the Dayquil, or a combination of the two, I’m shaking like a cold Chihuahua on speed. Boston starts to really worry about me…to the point of getting ready to tell me what, exactly, we’re getting dressed up for. A moment of comedy cracks into my panic, when Boston goes to pickup a pair of his brothers shoes to wear for the evening…unfortunately which are 2 sizes too small for him. He looks amazing…all done up and dressed to impress…I suppose I’m not doing too badly myself. After all, I’ve got my vintage LBD (little black dress), fishnet thigh-highs, and my super cute black and white pumps.

We end up at Grill 23...A nice, sweet surprise that made me feel like an actual grownup…oh, how rarely that actually happens. Far funnier—more funny?—whatever, is the fact that both Boston and I work in the same industry…or rather he works, I ‘day job’…yep, keep telling yourself that, buck-O…Anyways, hazard of the business, I’m staring around at the ceiling, trying to find the goddamn supply. Boston spots me and asks the normal question, “What the hell are you doing?” I get into a rant about how there is no way that the only supplies are on the second floor when the returns are over there and…yeah, so on in this vein. Boston grins at me, finally saying, “I’m going to marry you.”

I grin back, admitting it’s weird to have someone who understands “the family business.”

We finish dinner and head back home—haha, nice Christine…no, not home, to the HOTEL—so that I can watch the Oscars. Still miss the opening, but make most of the top awards. Boston plays along nicely…not even trying to change the channel at commercials or bitching about the retarded-mental blowjob-that is the Academy Awards. I think I liked him more for that.

We sleep.

Up again…still sick as a dog. I’m super unexcited, because my flight leaves at 8ish…and we have to check out by 2pm…In the meantime, we decide to hit the Cheesecake Factory—Boston’s never been, and I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Both the waitress and I try to emphasize the extra large portion sizes…the Irish/Italian combo refuses to back down. Sure enough, he gets a burger larger than his face, as well as an appetizer, and cheesecake. We take several boxes back with us. =)

Back in the room, we mostly rush around, picking shit up and attempting to re-close my bag. Oh, the joys of repacking a suitcase…LOL…so we put everything in Boston’s Jeep and decide to head over to Matt’s place. I mix up a water bottle of vodka and Godiva white chocolate...lol...which ends up looking like a water bottle full of milk. We hang out at Matt’s for a little while...and I see more pictures of exgirlfriends. It’s a really strange feeling for me...almost like I should put them on my personal hit list. Really not fair, but it is sort of the way I feel.

Again, I blame the Dayquil. :p

We decide to drive around for awhile, and...while I work on my buzz...the boys partake in another form of relaxation. The best part, was when we ended up in the mall parking lot chatting and eating leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory. Here I find out that the two have a slight habit of dating—or at least fucking—the same chickas. I comment on the weirdness of that...Lord knows it was really too bizarre that I’d kissed the same guys as some of my friends...anything else...although if rumors are to be believed...maybe I did share more than kissing...but at least I had ‘em first! Ha! Take that!

Anyways, I sort of start thinking about the time and Matt becomes my favorite person ever by suggesting we drop him off. Boston and I make the most of our last hour together, but the sadness is starting to creep into both of us. I feel so lost when I finally wandered into the airport...it was really almost scary. I didn’t want to leave.

Luckily nothing insane happened with the plane...thank God for little miracles. Despite all of that—going through customs tired, maybe still a little buzzed, and sad is not the best of ideas. Or so I think. Turns out Mr. Customs Man is also in the middle of a long distance relationship. Yep, starts asking me if I’m going to move there or he’s going to move here, or if we’re both just going to keep trying the whole back and forth issue. I feel like telling the guy to eff off, however I feel like the Canadian government might not like that one so much. I restrain myself and finally get allowed back home.

Home...strange how it doesn’t feel as welcoming as it did when I left it. Boston calls, and I start to feel alive again. I go to sleep wondering how long I’m going to have to wait to see him again.

Quote of the Moment: “Dear President Bush: If Iran is our biggest threat, why in gods name are we killing people in Afghanistan and Iraq? Make up your effing mind. It’s not like you're getting re-elected anyway.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Rihanna, S-O-S
TV/Movie Quote: From V for Vendetta : “Fear became the ultimate tool of this government…People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.”

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