Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lazy Sunday and Work-Free Monday in DC

Let me please preempt this by saying thank you to Lauren and Steve for their generous hospitality while I was in DC. You certainly know how to make a girl feel loved, and you both made it very difficult for me to leave. Thank you, from my heart and soul.

Sunday morning kept getting jump started early…I must have woken up four or five times…drank some milk…took some allergy meds…yeah, not fun…I finally through in the towel around 9am…and settle in to watch…was it Back to the Future? Not sure, but that seems right.

Steve and Lauren wake slowly themselves…finally get up around the time that Marty is about to go “back to the future”…Steve says he’s farewells and Lauren and I prepare for the day…and Chipotle.

We do the walk…which, weirdly, my knee and feet start to act up for. It’s all worth the effort though, as that first bite of that football sized chicken burrito—no beans, light rice, extra cheese, mild salsa—passes over my lips.

Yum, yum, yum, it’s better then I even remember.

Lauren is kind enough to sit chatting with me while I take nearly two hours to devour the entire thing. Highlights are the gay guy with eyebrows better than my own, and the chick with safety pins holding her jeans together.

We leave…I ponder getting my nails done, but decide I’ll just do it when I get home…get more allergy meds, my pics from Vegas that I turned in the day before. Which, by the way, did not turn out AT ALL…damn old film cartridges… :( We amble back home…me padre calls, wanting ideas for my b-day, to which I have no real ideas and promise to think about it and call him back…I take off my shoes once we’re “back home” and come to find out that my toes hurt because they’re bleeding.

Lovely. And on my new kneehigh GAP kids socks, no less!!! X-( I get cleaned up…Lauren and I flip on the TV…and we promptly fall asleep.

Boston calls while we’re napping…I call him back…we discuss…lol, well, oral sex, actually, but it wasn’t really LIKE THAT. HAHA…I miss him and he misses me…and this is starting more and more to feel like something I don’t really want to live without…which scares the crap out of me. Do I really want this kind of relationship again? It didn’t end up so great the last time, now did it? Or maybe that’s just my hindsight talking…because, if I’m honest with myself, that relationship was a hell of a lot of good times. I’m contemplative…and I fall back into a troubled sort of sleep.

Later on, I decide I need some snack food products…so Lauren takes me out to a corner convenience store and I load up on cheese nips and a cinnamon roll…lol…so much for watching the carbs, eh? Especially since we clearly have more pizza as well…I ask Lauren if we can hit Chipotle tomorrow so I can take one on the plane, and she agrees.

She then forces me to watch Extreme Home Makeover…which I generally refuse to watch just on the principle of the thing. Please, if I wanted to spend an hour crying, I’d cut some fresh onions. I take advantage of the tube and Aveda products and bathe. Mmmmm…bubble baths. I swear, I’m an eight year old…give me bubble baths, sweets, and crackers, and I’m content for the year.


Boston calls…really upset, and I realize somewhere…in the last few weeks, I have invested so much into this kid…there’s no way I’m turning back now. He’s in pain over things he really has no control over—the daily atrocities of life, if you will—and my heart hurts for him. I speak what comfort I can, wishing he could be with me or I could be with him.

I fall asleep again wishing for something…and not quite sure what.

Lauren and I discussed waking one another…but she has an alarm set for 10:30 anyways, so I let her sleep.

When she gets up, we mope around again…she does laundry…including some of my own—Thanks MOM! I get my Chipotle and pick up the pictures I put in to be developed the day before…one is a left over from my trip to Boston…a pic of the boy that perfectly captures his personality. I’m in love. =)

Right, so we grab some grub at Whole Foods…sushi for us both and a key lime tart for me, because I’m in the mood. I munch that, my left over Cheesecake factory goodness, and maybe even a slice of pizza—Lord knows we had enough leftover to feed a small army…to calm Lauren, I pack…or, rather...shove and stuff things into my bag. There was the usual suitcase sitting that allows me to bring only one carry-on for these trips—hello, why check baggage? It’s a strong zipper…really! ;)

So we’re off to the airport…and I really don’t want to go. Really. This is impacted when I go to the bathroom and come back to Laurens, “Okay here’s your passport and boarding pass, here’s some little baggies you can put your jewlrey and such in when you go through security—but they’re also good for holding small things. And I put some fresh tissues in the pocket of your coat.”

Awe, Mom…how I miss you…

The flight out of DC is fine…but I get stuck in Cleveland of all places. My flight, that was expected to arrive in Toronto at 8:08pm, now will not leave until 8:30. Anyone want to kill some time in the airport bar? LOL. I figure I’ll do the frequent flier thing and ask what the deal is with the delay. Oh, no worries, they just can’t find the plane.

WTF? You LOST a PLANE?? Is that even possible?? I mean…it’s a plane, not a penny. Right…that’s it…there’s just no words for how idiotic that is.

Finally I get home…Boston calls…asks me to fly out to Boston that weekend…for my birthday. I refuse…not because I don’t want to see him, but because I’m finally home…and I miss my home, MGFM…all the rest. I promise to look into the following weekend…

Which, ironically, is exactly when I went.

That trip next time…on Running Commentary.

Quote of the Moment: "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it."
Soundtrack of the Moment: Eve 6, Super Human Girl
TV/Movie Quote: From Back to the Future:

Dr. Emmett Brown: Have them go on some sort of social...

Marty McFly: You mean like a date?

Dr. Emmett Brown: Right.

Marty McFly: Well, what kind of date? What do kids do in the '50s?

Dr. Emmett Brown: Well, they're your parents you must know them. What are their common interests? What do they like to do together?

Marty McFly: Nothing.

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