Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Week on Amoxicillin

I didn’t have to work Friday, thanks to a centuries old edict that proclaimed this day the death of a God. Sounds pretty damn cool when you say it that way, hu?

It’s a good thing I have this day, too, or else this week might have ended up being just too much for me. I’ve already covered the dumping and the MySpaceing and sickness, so I’m not really going to go back over them except to say this.

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem.

Peaked your interest, have I?

Thursday, I get a call from Boston’s dad. Yep, I was as surprised as you are. Given the timing…well, you know. It was a very strange conversation. Especially since I got to say, “Well, sir, [Boston’s] not talking to me anymore. Won’t return my emails…nothing.” I understand a parent’s concern for their child…but sometimes it manifests itself in weird ways.

Throughout the conversation, I began to get an understanding of an underlining cause of Boston’s sudden personality change. For the first time, it occurs to me that this entire debacle may have nothing to do with me at all. That it’s not my crazy insecurity issues at work, or my natural desire to destroy something before I lose it with my ineptitude. It’s not my fault.

Huh, go figure.

Ironically, while I’m having a pseudo break through on my emotional imbalances…or lack thereof…I get several friend requests—that’s right, I’m back on MySpace…this time with the promise that I will not be a crazy stalker—from some people I know and a few I don’t. One of them is a friend of Steve’s/Lauren’s…he’s a full on flirt and very aware of his abilities, but for a workplace and general mental distraction, I’m buying what he’s selling.

Because, honestly, what am I if not a shameless flirt?

Again, I razz myself on how male attention can ultimately pull me out of a bad day. It sort of makes me angry. I can’t, at heart, be a stupid girl? One of the types of girls Pink sings about in her catchy little ditty playing on all your radios. “Pretty, will you fuck me girls; silly, I’m so lucky girls; pull my head and suck it girls.”

Right, I did say this wasn’t about me…moving on.

Back at home, I eat some food, take another dose of my antibiotic, and pass out for the night.

Or so I think. Right about 9 o’clock I get a call that’s a blast from the past. I recognize the area code before I answer: Boston.

He’s upset and more than a little frantic. I’m…well, I’m more than a little disoriented. After all, I’m asleep and on meds. But, somewhere in all the craziness, he says my name. Simple, really. There’s nothing overly amazing about “Christine.” That is until somebody says it like it’s an incantation keeping them from death itself.

That’s when I know. I know that nothing’s changed between me and Boston…at least, nothing that I did has changed his feelings about me one way or the other. As far as my feelings for him…? I’m honestly not sure. All I can promise is that I will be there for him, should he decide he needs me.

And for me, for now…that’s enough.

On to more from the week of the strange. Talked to my ex...the Texas ex, not the Boston ex. Anyways, a quick call turned into a nearly two-hour conversation. It was actually pretty cool The kid seems to be doing well, and what more could anyone ask for, really? He’s made a point of saying he’d like to see me when I go out, I’m kinda planning on it...which is also weird.

Then, yesterday, after a sing-a-long at a local bar, one of my family friends offers to take me down to a recording studio where all his old band buddies work, and have me lay down a couple of tracks. Sick or not, I’m jumping at the opportunity.

So...yeah...all in all this week has been pretty freaking nuts. I’m thinking it’s the drugs...although...well, I don’t really think amoxicillin has a street value.

But hey, who am I to judge?

Quote of the Moment: “Jesus, what are you, a reverse 1900 phone sex operator?.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Pink, Stupid Girls
TV/Movie Quote: From Batman Begins, “As a man I'm flesh and blood I can be ignored I can be destroyed but as a symbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.”

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