Monday, March 19, 2007

Mild Anxiety

I had an anxiety attack yesterday…or, early this morning, rather. Woke up convinced my house was about to be broken into. My heart was beating so fast, I could hear it. That’s what woke me up. Because, in the dream I was having, someone was pounding on my door. In reality, the pounding was my heartbeat.

Crazy, hu?

It took me over two hours, turning on every light in my house, and a Lorazepam to get me back to sleep. By that time, it was almost seven, and there was no way I could drive myself anywhere. So, I spent the rest of the day hanging out, making a call to my local head shrink, and just basically trying to keep myself calm.

(Super thanks btw for Lauren, SLFM, and A for being heroes today…not that you’re not normally, but…well…you know what I’m talking about.)

As I’m sure my recent blogs have made abundantly clear, I’ve been all twitchy and swirly in the head lately. I have about a million things going on up there…and to top it all off, I’m shared shitless of what may or may not be going on back in Texas. (Yes, I realize I’m being vague, but it’s not my story to tell.) So…I believe that’s the cause…and we’ve covered the effect so…let’s move on, shall we?

Right, so last time I briefly touched on my adoration of the movie 300. First and for most, let me say that this is a movie based on a freaking comic book people! Stop bitching about historical accuracy (which is actually closer than most movies) and whether or not it creates a negative image of Persians (right, because the western world had such a clear and beautiful image of Iranians BEFORE the movie came out), and just enjoy the gorgeousness that is 300. Now, not only do I love the fact that the Spartans thought it would be fun to fight in their underwear…a cape…and a helmet, but I love, LOVE, the fact that they all did their crunches before fighting in said gear. Seriously people, we all need to get on the Spartan diet and exercise plan. The men are freaking HOTT and the women are totally cum worthy. Seriously, gorgeous actors, gorgeous CG, and gorgeous overall presentation.

My other big thing right now is the musician Mika. In my humble opinion, he has the most Freddie Mercury sounding voice since, well, Freddie Mercury. Similar look as well. “Grace Kelley” is by far my favorite track, but “Lollipop,” “Big Girls,” and “Ring, Ring” does a lot for me also. Really, the entire album is more than worthy of it’s early praise. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Mika’s not going to change the world. But with his candy coated dance pop, he’s certainly making it a helluva lot brighter.

Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Quote of the Moment: “I have yet to see a picture of you that hasn't made me think, “I would like to play with that”.”
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