Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chick Flicks

First of all, can I please express my loathing of the film genre that is the “chick flick”(we’ll call them CF for the remainder of this post)? Truth be told, when I do see a CF, it’s at the request of either my mother, or A.

Last night I saw Just Friends. It’s funny, but not in the ways I think it meant to be. For one, I was a fatty…or, at least…I thought I was, so…yeah. Second? Um, hi? Paging Britney Spears much? And third…I guess we come to the whole…can boys and girls be friends issue…

My thoughts on the thing? Well, they can, but…

In order to be totally and completely, “just friends” there has to be:
1. Zero sexual attraction, by both parties (excepting, of course, in the few cases where both parties are okay with sex without commitment).
2. A general sense of loyalty to one another.
3. Perhaps a degree of distance between the two?

Right…now can we move on to my own issues?

FANTASTIC! Because what is this blog if not my own little rambling place?

I’ve slept with friends before…with friends I’ve never intended developing a relationship with. It was…an itch to scratch, shall we say? An…uh…solution to a temporary situation. But anything permanent? That’s a negatory, Ghostrider. :p

Yes, I’m a boy when it comes to sex, deal with it!

And love! Shall we dare discuss love? No, perhaps not. Perhaps the very insistence of love in life…especially my life, is just too much to contemplate at all…

In other news…I’m leaving Nailor. It was not a light or easy decision, but it was something I had to do. The Universities here have accepted two years of my work, leaving me with no more than two years left to complete. So what excuse do I have, really, not to complete them?

As promised, my mother finally finished my (dare I say “first novel”?) little story, As They Spy On Us…more colloquially known as Atsou. (At-Sue-Uh—even though the “Uh” should really be “Ooo,” but I don't say it that way...) With Lauren’s comments, among other issues, I kinda figured I had to rework the ending to make it believable. After all, I did the last 150 pages in less than a week. But, I shouldn’t have been surprised that my mother found no need in dealing with the believability of such a thing.

The conversation verbatim went like this:
Ms.I: Nailor Industries.*
Mom: Why is she not mad at Lucas?!?
Ms.I: Um…excuse me?
Mom: She should be more mad at Lucas.
Ms.I: What? Oh! Did you finish it?
Mom: I started reading last night around 9:30. I meant to just finish one more chapter…but then the next one came and I started to tell myself “just one more,” and then I was done.
Ms.I: Well, that’s good, at least it kept your attention. How—
Mom: Why is Manhattan not more upset at Lucas for **?!
Ms.I: Ha! Really? Well, after all he’s put up with, with her, I kinda didn’t think…
Mom: And what kind of name is LONDON***?! Ms.I: Well, it’s in keeping with the whole “favorite” city theme…You know, Manattan…London…
Mom: Right, but London?
Ms.I: Just like Tyranny**** is named after her mother’s last mission, London is named after his parents’ favorite city.
Mom: Well, I think it’s…
Ms.I: Thank you for the Lucas thing, that’s good feedback for me…different from what I already have. I’ll think about it.

*This is pretty much how I always answer my phone. Not because I want to hid my identity from people, but because I have a “back-up” phone…which essentially means that if the front switchboard gets too crowded, the call will ring to my desk.
**Edited (rather lamely) to maintain the integrity of the story.
***Name of my main character’s son.
****Name of my main character’s daughter.

Quote of the Moment: “Try not to make him fall in love with you. I know it's difficult, but do your best…I'm just saying, you have a way of being infatuating.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man
TV/Movie Quote of the Moment: Bon Cop, Bad Cop:

David Bouchard: [surprised] You speak French?
Martin Ward: No, not really. I had a small gadget installed in my brain and I see subtitles under people when they speak.

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