Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Features are Fun!

Right, so I added a playlist to the right-hand side there. (If you're reading this anywhere but Running Commentary, my blog, then go to the following link to figure out what the heck I'm yammering about:

Basically the idea is, those songs are the ones I can't stop singing. In the shower, in the car, doing the get the idea. They may change daily...they may be around for awhile. They are not necessarily even my most favorite music. (Don't you HATE when you get a song into your head and you can't stop singing it?) It's just what I can't stop singing. Well, the top 10 things I can't stop singing.

I'm still going to be posting "Soundtrack of the Moment" songs...because those are different in a more OCD extreme way...but the Playlist is new, and I just wanted to do some pointing and smiling so everyone spotted it.

So...we've all seen it now? We know why it's there? Fantastic.

Now I can go to bed. :)

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