Friday, December 05, 2008

Lists, Love, and Limitlessness

I’m a rather active member on several blogs/games/etc online. One of the biggest is my “position” with Chapters’ Community as a “news girl” and general forebringer of hotness and entertainment news. I’m fully comfortable with this issue, for many reasons ranging from my history with the arts to my history with obsessing over the arts. I always know who’s in what and who’s doing who (whom?). I’ve meet actors and singers and athletes. I had a really whirlwind year of hanging out with a professional groupie that I still look back upon with a bemused sort of smile, despite the unfortunate events that followed our breakup.

But seriously, guys, I must be getting old. Why you ask? Because I keep saying, “I just don’t get these kids these days.” I only know who the Jonas brothers are because my Dad’s gf’s daughters are OBSESSED with them. I feel like more and more, I keep seeing these young Disney poptartlets and I’m like, “Who is that, again?”

More in that line of fun, I was watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the live action one with Jim Carrey) and I suddenly realized why that chick on Gossip Girl looked so damn familiar to me. Because she was Cindy Lou Who! Love when shit like that happens in my world.

Once again, I’m getting off track. Forget about me being concerned about getting behind the “cool kids.” Instead, let’s move on to the reason why I started this blog in the first place. On one of our community posts, my possible twin posted something regarding your top 5 celebs and top 5 fictional characters (we wish were real). It’s the pseudo-list of “bys” that you get in a relationship…sort of like a get out of jail free card…as if, by putting them out in the open ahead of time, no one would be affronted by the charge. I enjoy “the list” in theory as much as I do in practice, but it’s impossible for me to hear this line of thinking without recalling the Friends episode where Ross bumps Isabella Rossellini from his list…only to run into her later on the same day.

My list is posted there, but I figure I’ll do it here as well. (In no particular order)

Talyor Kitsch:

Jason Lewis:

Brad Pitt:

Christian Bale:

Megan Fox:(Yes, I realize I’m a woman of the cock—doesn’t mean I don’t give credit where it’s due. There’s always a chick I’d be willing to reconsider for…so, there you go.)

Now…on to the possibly more interesting…we discussed how it’s easy to let an actor playing a character take over your opinion of said character. As in…Timothy Olyphant is hot, even though he was the bad guy in Live Free or Die Hard…so you kinda couldn’t totally hate him. :p (I know that’s a lame example, but I can’t help that I can’t come up with a better one on short notice.)

Me, personally, I have issues with “crushing” on a character who is life-alteringly in love with someone else. It’s sort of a what’s the point? But, since they’re fictional anyways, it was fun for me to give my list for that as well. Ironically—or maybe notsomuch considering all things—Edward Cullen appeared over and over again.

My main fictional man is, of course, Westley.Sigh…it’s not the actor—no offense intended to Cary Elwse. It’s just Westley…just…how he is with Buttercup. The way he puts his pride last, no matter her slight against him. How he just loves her enough to…anything. “Life is pain” he promised her, but he also promised that “death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” If there’s a dread pirate Westley out there, I will likely reconsider all my preconceived notions on marriage and family and all the rest. Er…hold…rewind…if there is a Westley out there WHO WANTS ME…speed forward tape. :}

In the meantime, I’m just happy to deal with me. I’m really enjoying myself at work (even though cute starbucks boy has been MIA since I started working; boo), as you all well know. And, the other day, I found this book while I’m helping put stuff away in the discount section. One of my work buddies was listening to me ramble off about how I have the original Book of Answers and how it’s actually done me some good in the past…and he suggests that I give the love book a try. On a whim, giggly and with little more than then minutes left in my shift, I run my hands along the spine and say, “Will I end up with a celebrity?”

The answer—which was later given further credence by my coworker—was spectacular. My coworker…although he wouldn’t tell me the questions he asked, assured me that the answers were spot on to the advice he’d been given in real life from his friends/fam/etc. So what was the answer to my ridiculous little question, you ask?

“Start at the bottom and work your way up.”

Huh. You know, I just might do that. ;)

Quote of the Moment: "I think she thought I was after her, so I told her I was a sister of the cock, but then she thought I said cloth, so the whole thing got completely insane from there.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Boys Like Girls, “Thunder”
TV/Movie Quotes: How the Grinch Stole Christmas:
Martha May Whovier: Did I have a crush on the Grinch? Of COURSE not.
Cindy Lou Who: Uh... I didn't ask you that.

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Danny Brown said...

"A woman of the cock"... awesome saying! (Though great choice of woman who would be the the exception). ;-)

I wouldn't worry too much about the Jonas Brothers, either - even their diehard fans know that the real musical talent lies with their granma... :)