Thursday, March 26, 2009

Without Complaint

I’ll admit it, I’m a little guilty that I didn’t post Oscar picks for this year. I mean, the major reason was (for the first time in memory) I hadn’t seen at least 80% of the total nominations. Three things I felt certain of and two of those things happened. (Yea, Slum Dog—hahaha…I totally just typed “Slum Dong” which I believe is an entirely different movie altogether—and Kate!)

I got my red velvet [cup]cake for my birthday. It was glorious. Well worth the trek downtown to get them. Between that, my friends/family/boyfriend, it was rather glorious all the way around. I missed MGFM, but he had to work until midnight, so…what can you do?

Speaking of the boyfriend, I’m in full-infatuation mode. It’s very gooshy and lame and so I shall leave it at that without giving away the boring details.

Brother and Lindz are officially engaged, and Lindz asked me to be a bridesmaid. I’m super-duper excited. It sucks that I’m not there, to help more, but I’m doing everything I can from my northern perch. They’re hoping to get it done quickly—before the end of fall this year—so I’m sure everything’s a bit too hectic for all parties concerned. They wanted a super small ceremony…but with ten uncles just on Brother’s side…well, 30 really isn’t a feasible number.

A big part of me has sort of rediscovered myself lately. Much like a song can bring back memories of a different place or time, I’m realizing extreme emotions can do the same. Love, for instance.

I’m finding myself remembering a lot of Austin, and my first few years of University. At first, I thought it was the weather. The spring here is a bit like winter in Austin. But it hit me quite suddenly that it had absolutely nothing to do with the weather. It has to do with my heart…with the contentment of knowing that someone is looking after mine with as much care as I am his. There’s a confidence that connection brings…a sort of…oh, dependability, I guess…that no matter how bad the day goes, wrapping up in his arms is guaranteed to lighten my disappointment.

A good friendship is the same way, but romance adds another level to it that is almost immeasurable. It’s a tweak, a slight alteration of that sense of home that always comes over me when I’m in range of Lauren’s smile or Cin’s giggle. It’s the way of letting go of fear and self-consciousness, without losing the innate sense of self.

It’s hard to complain of anything, under the circumstances.


Quote of the Moment: “It’s not necessarily that I want a fuck buddy…I really just want someone to cuddle and dry hump.
Soundtrack of the Moment: A.R. Rahman, “Jai Ho”

TV/Movie Quotes: Run Fatboy Run:

Gordon: Go on then, run!
Dennis: Isn't there some kind of like... special technique?
Gordon: Well... yeah... you put one leg in front of the other over and over again really really fast.

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