Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Who Knew?

I’m generally considered to be an observant person. It’s hard to catch me off guard. I’m not easily startled. I notice stuff.


Every once in a while (a long, long while), I get blindsided. I think I’m paying attention…and then, all of a sudden, I get smacked upside the head with something that lays me out on my ass. Then I’m sitting there, looking back, going, “I’m sorry…what the HELL just happened?”

So…the fact that I’ve been hanging around someone for months…and out of the blue want to hang with him whenever I can is, to say the very least, startling. It made me wonder what the hell I’ve had my focus on for the last few months…and then I’m remembering everything I’ve had my focus on, and I give myself an extremely rare break.

I think I’m making this sound like a bad thing. It’s not. It’s a little unnerving, but it’s not bad. It’s actually rather nice.

The expression, “sometimes good things happen to bad people,” came up recently. I suppose it says a lot that I wasn’t sure if I was being called the good thing or the bad people in said expression. But it’s true that sometimes things you weren’t expecting…or even don’t think you deserve…pop up and make your world a little bit (or a lotta bit, as it were) more enjoyable.

Given it’s me we’re talking about here, I’m locked into my habitual—and really rather annoying— tradition of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Surely once he gets to know me better, he’ll see that I’m notsomuch of a great deal? Blah, blah, blah…nothing you all haven’t heard before.

Far weirder, is the running commentary going on around me. I mean, doesn’t anyone have anything better to do than be fascinated by my…er…love life? I get that I don’t really deal with that shit all that often. I’m not a big, mushy, hearts and flowers, Valentine’s and Weddings kinda chick. Still, does that make this tiny event in the world-wide scheme of things matter? Seriously?

I got a conference call from Nailor the other day, regarding a facebook relationship status change. I didn’t even change it to “in a relationship,” I just plain took it off. This, of course, was done forgetting that facebook feels the need to trumpet everything. So, a note explaining that I changed my status from single appeared on the pages of all of my friends. Lame. (Facebook, not my former co-workers…although that whole thing is hilarious as is.)

I don’t talk boys really to anyone…with the singular exception of Lauren. I mean…it’s boys. What’s there to say? Yes I like him…yes he’s nice…obviously I think he’s cute or I wouldn’t want to make out with him…done? Fantastic. Lauren and I can get down to the nitty-gritty…but she knows me better than anyone, so I don’t really have to get into the nitty-gritty for her to totally get what’s going on. (But I swear to GOD Lauren, if you say that thing you said a million times to me, I’m going to have to…well, let’s face facts here, there’s nothing I can do to you that wouldn’t just make my life more difficult, so…I’ll just be pouty. You know what I’m talking about…)

So…yeah, I have a boyfriend. It caught me completely off guard, it’s super new, and I’m enjoying myself. I’m playing it close to the chest, because it’s mine.

Honestly, I don’t know what more a TNF could ask for…

Quote of the Moment: “I can’t compete with your hair today. It’s unstoppable.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Anberlin, “Paperthin Hymn”
TV/Movie Quotes: Daria:
Mr. O'Neill: You probably think about the dark side all the time.
Daria: The...dark side? Are we talking about "The Force"?

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Lauren said...

Hey! Ms. Observant! Quit being so infatuated and post something. Isn't there anything going on in your life? Twilight release? ANYTHING?!?!