Saturday, November 25, 2006


Yeah, it’s been awhile. I am aware.

First and for most, I’ve been working on my manuscript for As They Spy On Us. Amazing what a deadline can do for you! Currently all 519 pages are in the most able hands of Lauren.

We’ll see what becomes of it.

On a side note, just finished watching Pretty Persuasion on DVD. This movie is so despondently fantastic...I just feel like everyone in junior high should be forced to watch it. Kinda like Requiem for a Dream should be shown at all DARE meetings. I mean, seriously, who wants to do drugs or have sex after that movie???

Right, anyways, the movie rocks...and it rocks even after a second viewing. Seriously. Between the mass discussion that could question how guilty Mr. Anderson really the in school suicide to the...yeah....much talking...much debate.

Right moving on...

The Prestige was amazing. I left the theater with a smile on my face. Clearly, I have no idea how to express how it differs from the book...but, yeah, go see it, then we’ll talk.

In other movie news, I finally saw, Stranger than Fiction. This was an amazingly well done piece, so wrapped up in wonderment and gentle silliness, that I totally recommend seeing it on “whoa,” value alone. I cried. I laughed. I screamed at the screen to get the God Damn boom out of the scene. And I’m sorry, but I’ll never look at flours the same way again...

What else, what else?

Um...nothing at the moment.

Clearly this is a night—abet weekend—post, so maybe tomorrow there will be more realness for you.

Until then, this is what ya got, suckas!

Love ya!

Quote of the moment:
"Movies are kinda like sex. Way more fun when you're doing it with someone else. And amazing when your with someone who's as into it as you are."
Soundtrack of the moment: Through the glass, by Stone Sour
Movie/TV quote of the moment: From Pretty Persuasion:

Kimberly Joyce: [speaking about kid who shot classmates at school] In some ways, I know how he feels. I mean, there're just so many stupid, annoying, worthless people on this planet that just, like, get in the way of what you want

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