Sunday, November 18, 2007

*Ahem* Skipping Commentary

Before we begin, I would like to take a moment to morn the passing of my very first car, Angel Sunfire. She was a great little car that delivered me safety and speedily all over this country and the last. Let us all observe a moment of silence…

She will live on in my heart (complete with her own page in my scrapbook) forever.

Right, so clearly I’m not busing it to work (Get up 2 hours earlier? I think not.) Which means I have a new car!! Well, not new, but new for me. :)

She’s a 2000 Jetta GLS, with power everything, manual transmission, and heated seats. Teehee. She’s the same black on gray as Angel, but the grey interior is lighter, and the windows tinted darker so I don’t have to deal with heat retention as much. The six-disk CD changer is in the trunk, which is not my favorite feature, but the upgrade in the sound system really makes it all worth it. Also, it has a tape deck. Hello, where the heck did I put all my old cassettes? She’s fun to drive, with more room and a lot more of an “adult” feel.

I will call her Nyx, and she shall be mine!

Can we stop for a sec and have a little one on one? Heart to heart, if you will? Great.

I need the boys of the world to explain to me why the hell all of them have the rep of “no-commitment” and yet every one I meet seems to be like, “Hi, I should totally be your bf.” I could go into detail, but I think that a Gchat convo with Lauren will better clarify things:

Ms.I: what is up with all these girls saying guys won't commit, and I can only find ones who will??
Lauren: HAHA, you must give off that vibe: I'm only looking for needy, clingy guys who talk marriage within 5 minutes of meeting me
Ms.I: Exactly...but, like, shouldn't a girl who actually wants that give that vibe off more than me?
Lauren: maybe they're like cats. They sense the fear and dislike, and decide to focus solely on you
Ms.I: Ha! I mean, I had him, my cousin, my cousin's boyfriend, and some random bar chick all trying to convince me that I really want a boyfriend.
Lauren: ha
Ms.I: I'm like, no-no...I'm just kinda good with me. :P
Lauren: yes, and i think that's a lovely place to be :-)
Ms.I: I'm perfectly fine being here.

In other news of Lauren being funny on Gchat:

Ms.I: “…last seen in a movie about these Pants that apparently Travel. I never really...that sounds scary to me. Pants gone rogue. But apparently people loved that movie, which was also based on books. YA horror was never my thing, except for Cormier."
Lauren: haha
Ms.I: I donno what's funnier, that she's afraid of pants or refers to "The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" as YA Horror.
Lauren: who is it?
Ms.I: A writier for TWoP. Regarding Gossip Girl. (One of the chicks on that was in the Movie SotTP.)
Lauren: SotTP. Sign of the Twirling Penguins?
Ms.I: You almost just made me kill myself. Literally gulped air to laugh, and instead got pieces of pumpkin spice muffin...and almost suffocated. I had to give myself a mini Heimlich. Now; No. Back to what we were actually discussing...Sisterhood of the traveling pants. Dork. Wow, totally done my ab workout for the day. You're very funny, today missy. Please caution me before the next punch line.
Lauren: hahaha. Sorry, didn’t think I was being that funny
Ms.I: LOL, I'm still having residual giggles.
Lauren: I seriously was like, wtf does that stand for?
Ms.I: And Sign of the Twirling Penguins is the very first thing that came to mind!?!?! I'm still laughing G-D you!!!!! It's just so.... Like, where the hell was your head at when that popped into it?
Lauren: Well, I was thinking like harry potter or Lord of the Rings type thing (those are usually long titles) and hence the Sign of the…and then the TP got me…and so it was the first thing that came to mind. Not together of course. First the T....T…T...Twirling! P...what the hell would the P stand for....? Penguins!
Ms.I: I'll have you know that I’ve almost taken a drink three times already, during that little "Inside Lauren's head" moment. And stopped, realizing that I would spit water over my desk and computer. Lovely though, that experience.
Lauren: :-)
Ms.I: Seriously, you need your own TV show.
Lauren: nah, I’m not consistently funny
Ms.I: You are consistent enough for an hour one day a week. Promise. :P
Lauren: well, then, when you publish your book and make tons of money, you can produce my show
Ms.I: I keep forgetting how I fit in, in all my crazy schemes.

Right, so here we’ve established that: 1. Lauren’s funny; 2. Ms. I does NOT need a bf; and 3. Both Pants that travel and twirling penguins are kinda frightening. Also Gossip Girl is a delicious treat. And also-also (think of it as P.S.S.), I really miss reading TwoP everyday.

Do you remember me telling you about Project Mayhem, Ms. I style? Right, so remember the “Pirate” issues? Okay, so still totally overplaying that card. So much so that I’m starting to think I might just have to makeout with the guy. Not that I’d like to do that, because, I would really, really not like to deal with the consequences of such an action. But really, did Elizabeth Swann actually think about the consequences of her actions before making out with Jack Sparrow? No, of course not, so really, why should I?


I’m really kinda happy at work right now. Or, at the very least, very happy with the people I’m surrounded by. The months of angry darkness, surrounded by depression and anxiety have brokered through to happier circumstances. Strange level of fertility around the office aside, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more a part of things…as opposed to sitting on the outer edge watching things happen. Friday I even engaged some of the girls in a little fieldtrip to a few fastfood places. Man is it ever hard to shift while turning, holding an order list, and getting handed money. ;)

Speaking of my anxiety, I’m doing a lot better. Even upon hearing some slightly terrifying news, I felt a levelheadedness I usually lack. So that’s a nice, new circumstance to report on.

What else, what else? Oh!

I saw Beowulf in 3-D on Friday. How freaking cool was that?! Awesomely freaken cool, my friends. Awesomely freaken cool. Can we also please just take a moment to talk about how amazing Crispin Glover is? I don’t care what he does; he’s always so damn perfect. He’s like a really disturbing and not-cute Christian Bale. I can’t say that it was the most faithful retelling of the positively ancient epic poem. I also can’t say that it was the most engaging screenplay. Regardless, I found myself so impressed by the brilliance of the 3-D format, that I didn’t really care. It’s a bit like watching a supremely choreographed dance to crappy music; you appreciate the art without being taken over by it. Well, all else aside, the one thing that this movie made absolutely certain, is that I now do not have to see the obscenely terrifying Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D.

What? The movie gives me heart palpitations when I think too hard about it. Yes, I realize that this is funny coming from someone who has no fear of blood and guts…and who happens to kinda enjoy monsters, but that’s the truth. Shut it, all of you. >:(

In other news, I may soon be moving out and into a new place. We’ll see what happens, but preliminarily, it looks good. I’ll update as things progress…or not, as the case may be.

Last of all, I love you all. In this week before American Thanksgiving I’d just like to say I’m so very thankful for all of you. Stay safe, and be well.

And a very Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

<3 Ms. I

Quote of the Moment:[Pirate issues?] Hopefully he's boarding your ship and pillaging at will. No? No boarding of the Good Ship Isabella? That’s sadness.”
Soundtrack of the Moment: Christine Lorentzen, “Creeping in My Soul”
TV/Movie Quote: Ever After:
[after DaVinci opens a locked door by removing the pins from the hinges]
Louise: Why, that was pure genius!
Leonardo da Vinci: Yes, I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!

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