Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…

Right, so we’ve established that I kinda have a backwards thinking pattern when it comes to winter. I mean, for as long as I can remember, my favorite season has been winter. I like the snow; I like the cold and the ice and the antiseptic feel of the air. I like the way your checks and nose feel kinda slapped around a bit…but in a refreshing way…as if you got into a pillow fight with that Listerine commercial mascot guy.

Speaking of commercials, I absolutely love, love, LOVE, thisaone. I’m also pretty sure that I used to play a game a lot like that in high school…where you had to have a conversation using lines from movies (and it kinda make sense)…but since we were all movie people it had to have a least one of the same actors in it that the last quoted movie had. Think of sex—whoa, excuse me, that should be six. Well, guess we all know where my headspace is—degrees of Kevin Bacon, except it doesn’t have to be Kevin Bacon and with movie quotes. Hmm. That explanation kinda makes as much sense as “the sex degrees of Kevin Bacon,” hu?

Oh well, back to winter.

Right, so winter. The weather, the temperature. The fact that everything is a little softer/calmer/quieter… The way that the cold stops things from smelling bad, but seems to allow sweet things like spiced cider and mulled wine to hover (Dude, totally just wrote Hoover. Clearly someone’s mind’s in the gutter today.) in the air and mix perfectly with the bite of evergreens. I like how the proximity to “the holidays” affects people, makes them a little bit more conscientious—even if for a short time—of their fellow men.

Well, sometimes.

I did have someone insist to me that the whole “happy holidays” thing was basically anti-holiday. The only thing I could think to say was that everyone I’ve ever known who didn’t celebrate Christmas, never had a problem with someone saying, “Merry Christmas” to them. They got that it was the whole ‘good will toward men’ thing…and not a ‘Love Jesus and declare him as your only God and Savior or go to hell’ thing. But who am I to say what people should or shouldn’t say around this time of year?

Speaking of Christmas, dude, am I the only kid on earth who really feels like I could totally handle not getting presents this year? I seriously said to my mother, “You know, I’m totally okay with Christmas just being about Christmas this year.” She was like, “FINE then you can’t get anything for anyone else either.” It took me too long to respond, I suppose, because she yelled, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that,” into the silence.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my mother?

I’ve been reading lots and lots lately, as well as writing lots and lots. November is actually the official “write a novel” month. I didn’t quite make the 50,000 word requirement, but—as I’m also dealing with new ATSOU edits—I felt like my12,000 words towards an entirely new fiction (Seriously, could my subconscious pick a freaking storyline, already?!) wasn’t completely shabby.

I’m also kinda stalking the pirate. Seriously. It’s like anyone mentions the barest hint of needing something downstairs and my safety glasses are on in seconds. I’ve also gotten really bad about finding excuses to go down there on my breaks…er…their breaks, really. Whatever, long story short, I’m regressing to a five-year-old and giggle every time he walks by. It’s an issue, but at least all my friends at work are getting a little laughter injected into their days. Well, everyone’s getting some laughter…only my work friends are actually enjoying it.

Dude…not to be completely ADHD on you here…but I’ve just seen THE BOOTS() again. Brush suede, black, just over the knee, and at least a 4 inch heal. First seen (several times) on JLo…now just spotted on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl. Anyone know who makes these? How many paychecks exactly will I have to use to own these? COME ON! I KNOW ONE OF YOU KNOWS!

Wow. Sorry. I didn’t realize how much I wanted those until just now. So, clearly I’ve already looked them up online and—lo and behold—they’re made by the one shoe company I’d most like to have delivered directly into my closet: Christian Louboutin (you know him because he shoes always have red souls.) Seeeeeeeeeeeee. So, if I were to want to drop $1,790 (before tax) at Barneys, then I’d be good to go! Did I say I didn’t want anything for Christmas? Hmm, moving on.

Wooooooooow again. Just had a crazy flash of me in those boots doing…ah...you know what? Nevermind!

Perhaps that’s a sign that that’s enough for tonight, my friends.

Love ya!

Quote of the Moment:
MBFC: So my dad asked me if you were gay today.
MGFM: Oh yeah? What did you say?
MBFC: I wasn’t sure. Then he asked me if I might be turning gay.
Ms. I: Wait, like he doesn’t know?
MGFM: He’s not out yet.
Ms. I: “Turning gay?” What, like it’s catching? I mean, eff, it’s not herpes.

Soundtrack of the Moment: Lovers Electric, Closer
TV/Movie Quote: Pinky and the Brain: “I’m sorry, the captain has turned on the “no idiots” sign. You have to stop speaking, immediately.

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