Monday, September 08, 2008

2 Things for Blog 2

Alright. Officially starting blog number two for the day. Ironically, there are two things I really would like to address. The first is really none of my business, but what would running commentary be if I didn’t speak my mind about things beyond myself every once in awhile? It wouldn’t be RunCom, that’s what. (Well, besides also being boring and narcissistic.) And secondly…well, recent stuff and things and my take on them. (So, back to being boring and narcissistic, I suppose.)

So you all know I have this *ahem* slight obsession with all things Twilight. Stephenie Meyer recently posted a rather saddening note on her site, regarding the future of one of her planned (and very anticipated) novels. If you want to read the whole account, you can here. Long story short, part of her rough draft was posted online, and mass distributed. As the drafts only went to trusted parties, she’s both discouraged and angry.

I get it.

I mean, I’m no Stephenie Meyer, clearly. No one’s giving me three-quarters of a million in advance for three novels. (Ah, dreams…) But I don’t think that matters. Having a few drafts of my own out there…even without the mass desire she has from her fans…I’d be horrified if I saw something I’d given to a friend come back in such a way. It’s almost like…I wrote this note to a friend of mine once…totally for his eyes only and what not. And later on, one of his brother’s random cronies sputtered off a couple lines of it—to make fun of me. I was horrified…and that was only a small note. I can’t imagine having five-hundred pages of my work—of my mind, sweat, and tears—laid out for all the world to see.

So for all of those out there that are doing nothing but bitch and complain, hush. Seriously, forget freedom of speech. Remember the immortal words of Thumper rabbits’ father, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” This woman has given us story after story, literally shared her dreams with us. And now that she’s discouraged about writing we’re going to start tossing around all sorts of rubbish…sounding no better than a couple of insolent two-year-olds who weren’t given a cookie after dinner? Not cool.

On to other issues, er…things…stuff? I donno, running commentary, I expect.

The New 90210 was…underwhelming. But...more than that...well, I guess I’m the one who’s going to have to say it, am I? None of the guys are hot. Like, zero. They’re all mediocre at best…and the storylines weren’t much better. I feel like it’s a bad thing that we’re only two hours in to the dang thing and I’m already bored. Although the music rocked my world. Seriously, splendid. More music, please. Just no more of the bad acting/actors/stories please, thanks.

BBCs Robin Hood is…oh, let us be honest, it’s not much better than the new 90210. (Except everyone is much cuter.) However, it’s intentionally campy and snarkily clever in its Britishness. Plus it’s Robin Hood. There’s horses and bows and arrows and swordfights. Dude, honestly, what’s better than that? (And guys, seriously, just spent the last hour playing the games on that site…and I may be going back to play some more now. So…moving on…)

MTV VMAs what to say that hasn’t been said already? Well, let me give you three thoughts:

1. Russell Brand rocks my world

2. Britney’s back!

3. Twilight starts totally got jipt!

That is all, go about your day. (While I go play more with Robin Hood. Teehee…I’m a dirty girl…)

Next time (or the next few times, anyways) on Running Commentary: Fishie update, School/writing/reading, and why do the lesbians love me so much?

Quote of the Moment: "I’m sorry, but it makes me squee like a fangirl.”

Soundtrack of the Moment: Near to You, A Fine Frenzy (Lauren, this FanVid is awesome.)

TV/Movie Quote: Speak: “It's time for a mental health day. So conjugate this: I cut class. You cut class. He/she/it cuts class.”

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