Monday, September 08, 2008

The List

[Editors note: I promised quite a few blogs this week…don’t think I was kidding. You should see at least one a day on a variety of topics. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!]

So clearly I’ve been all over the place lately (in my head and in the actual world as well). I’ve been thinking all kinds of things about the future and my place in it. What have I done with my life? What do I want to do with my life? You get the idea.

Through a long serious of tormenting torture…hmm, can I even use those two words together? Oh, well...involving insistent repetition, and not-so-subtle hints, I managed to cross one of my “Do Before Death” things off my list. (That’s as far into it as I’m going to go, beyond saying it had to do with getting someone to read paranormal.) I never thought I’d cross that one off, though, and it got me thinking about the things that I have on that list. Some of them, certainly, appear to be impossible. “Go Everywhere,” “See Everything,” and “Speak Every Language” aren’t exactly a common sight on resumes. But, I’d still like to accomplish them. Dream big, right?

Still, some of the list is easier. Own an Arabian (horse) is more a matter of logistics and time than possibilities. Same again with my own home. Getting this degree thing done is another one I’ll likely finish—now that I’ve made the decision to take the issue seriously.

Ironically some of the things I thought would be the hardest, I’ve done already. “Be in a Movie” and “Write a Book” at the top of that head-scratcher. Seriously, sometimes I look back at my life and think, shit that was me, wasn’t it? Insane.

Then there are the things that seem like they might be possible, but only if I really get my act together. At the very top of that one, is the “Write Something Good Enough to be Taught in School”…which is just above “Make Enough Money to Hire Lauren as a PA.”

There are some unquantifiable stuff on there…you know, “Be Happy,” Be a Good Person,” “Don’t Go Crazy,” etc. But all of that is sort of…I donno, take it as it comes, right?

In the process of thinking about my list, I started to realize how lucky I am. How much more I have than so many…and how much really kinda crazy-cool shit I’ve managed to accomplish in my short quarter century. It makes me feel a little bit better about everything…as if I maybe haven’t wasted as much time as I once thought.

Or maybe, that’s not even the point. Maybe the point is that there is no such thing as wasted time…just the time between the moments, you know? Like those awful, soul crushing downs that we all feel in order to get some perspective on the indescribably perfect highs. Maybe there’s no “on course” or “off course” but simply just a series of different directions. Maybe it’s what you take away from the journey, not the travel itself that matters.

And maybe I’m just excited to be experiencing my last Monday morning as a Nailor Industries Employee. Who knows? Clearly not I. But damn, who’d knew I’d be having this much fun having absolutely no idea what the hell I’m stepping out into.

Quote of the Moment: "When I get a house that has more than 1 bedroom, you can come live with me (or visit for an extended period of time). That way, if you get on my nerves you can just go to your room. :-p”
Soundtrack of the Moment: This is for keeps, The Spill Canvas
TV/Movie Quote: Get Smart:
Larabee: I'll do it sir, I have no problem exposing myself.
Agent 99: Do you ever think before you open your mouth?
Larabee: No, I tend to just whip it out there.

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